The Right Reverend Dr.Malcus Dorroga (gothfather) wrote in leagueofjustus,
The Right Reverend Dr.Malcus Dorroga

Ok, So I Went To Test (Very rant-y)

Y'know, I know everyone's heard me whine and complain about the changes coming for controllers, and I am quite sure everyone has had enough of it, but I was advised to bring Gothfather over to Test and see just how BAD things are before I pass judgement.

If the nerfs go through as I experienced them on Test, Gothfather is probably being shelved. His existence will become pointless.

The pet nerfing hurts in the short run, but I can live with it if it goes through. I will demand a respec, of course, as I now have to unslot the recharge times and put damage into them in its place. One pet simply is NOT enough to be truly effective, however, so these changes kinda hurt. It also makes it impossible to solo, which means no more grabbing hunting missions.

The nerfs to AOE holds and disorients, however, killed the character. One of the main ways I'd been abvle to defend myself was being able to slap down a mass hold and get the hell away from the firefight. Mass holds also make my character useful as hell for any group, and they honestly do NOT last that long, even with a duration enhancement in place. On the downside, my AoE hold already taked 60 seconds to recharge, even with a recharge enhancement in place.

Now take it to Test... where the AoE hold lasts for fifteen lousy seconds and takes almost TWO MINUTES to recharge. I would have to slot my AoE holds for recharge and hold duration to the exclusion of all else... at which point they aren't accurate enough to get more than one or two people.

And all that for a lousy piss-poor increase in the damage? Scrappers do more damage to minions by menstruating on them.

Oh, and Wormhole is useless again, BTW; it's a fancy Teleport Foe again, whereas right now it disorients the opponent sufficiently to be used for grabbing stragglers and panic-porting that one guy running at me.

And while I will still have single holds and all my Green Luv abilities, I expect to be a HERO, not that guy that occasionally buffs up the party and soaks up XP by doing jack shit. Also, between these hold nerfs and the taunt crap, the likeliihood of stragglers getting past the group and putting a cap in my ass increases tenfold. I will be SWIMMING in debt and useless to any party I'm a part of. Lord knows I saw it enough today.

Petitions have been sent... MULTIPLE petitions. Feedback has been given in a billion places.

Now we wait...
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