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I'm not a n00b to the game, but I am new to Triumph. You guys seem like a cool bunch of folks, and I'd love to join ya.

I made my toon to required specs. I wasn't sure who on the list played on a regular basis or play times. I'm usually on in the evenings from around 8:30 p.m. eastern to around midnight. Global is @pyrovenger and my new toon on Triumph is Ordinary Gal. Just let me know who to send a tell to in-game and I'll stuff the sg coffers some. :-)

Back on Track

I'm trying to get Road To, in the League of Just-Us, back on track. I'd like to do Numina's TF in the next few weeks if anyone's up for it. If you'd like to join, just comment here so I can see if enough people are interested (if not, I'll hit the LJ Channel, and a few other places.)

Also, I'm on the hunt for some badges, so if you happen to have the Plague Stopper mish, or Mystical Savior one, and wouldn't mind exemping a blaster down, let me know.
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Global Combo

so, there was some global weirdness recently and instead of recreating the global chat channels for both of the main SGs in our Coalition, I combined them into one.

Just Us Hellspawn

then the others came back and that one went poof.

Well I remade it, because it makes far more sense for us to have one coaltion global channel than 2.

And, for most of us, this will free up one global chat channel.

The best part is that 3 people on each channel most days means 6 people on the one channel instead. ;)

Anyway, Please use it, please update your global channels to use it instead of the individual channels. I have been making a point of promoting anyone who has leader status in the SGs to Channel Leaders as well.

Please spread the word when you see folks on.

Cross posting to both LJs.

Silver Mantis defeated!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Cobrasnake, True Gothfather, Major Paine, and UltraViolence for helping me finally get that bloody mission of my list. Thanks for the huge assistance, folks!
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Villainous help needed!

Evil your help is needed to take down Silver Mantis (lvl 22 AV). I've had this mission for 2 levels and my bots can barely make a scratch (still cons red to me) before they're all wiped out! I'd like to do this one evening this coming week. Please let me know when/if you're available.


Syko 10-96

ETA: I won't be available Wednesday evening. I have my math final that night.

ETA: Infinity ;P

ETA: It looks like it's going to be 10-ish Monday evening.

CoV Tonight?

True Gothfather has the Seer Marino arc and would love some company to work on it. If any of you with EEEBIL toons in the EEEBIL League aropund the level 15-17 range and will be on tonight after 9 pm EST, care to join me? Throw me a tell and I'll pull the team together. C'mon, it's GHOST WIDOW!!!