Stax (staxxy) wrote in leagueofjustus,

Global Combo

so, there was some global weirdness recently and instead of recreating the global chat channels for both of the main SGs in our Coalition, I combined them into one.

Just Us Hellspawn

then the others came back and that one went poof.

Well I remade it, because it makes far more sense for us to have one coaltion global channel than 2.

And, for most of us, this will free up one global chat channel.

The best part is that 3 people on each channel most days means 6 people on the one channel instead. ;)

Anyway, Please use it, please update your global channels to use it instead of the individual channels. I have been making a point of promoting anyone who has leader status in the SGs to Channel Leaders as well.

Please spread the word when you see folks on.

Cross posting to both LJs.
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