Templar (templar46_2) wrote in leagueofjustus,

calling all Sterling Sentinels of Victory!!

i propose our Golden Age group, the SSV, make a grand showing at the Pocket-D party this Friday! (this would also give us a chance to finally get everyone into the supergroup, and maybe even play again... one day)


spread the word!

(EDIT!: or don't... cause apparently it's Silver Age, and i, like many in the CoH LJ community, thought Goldenage AND silverage. alas.

still though... we should totally dust off the SSV, and even recruit a few more. i had a BLAST playing those characters before!

and i still think we should make it a regular day-of-the-week-occurrence... kinda like the Sunday 9's)
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I thought we were the Leauge of Just-Us...
oh we are... but a bunch of Just-users and Gothic Hellspawn made a GoldenAge themed group on Champion a while back...

actually i think it's almost entirely Just-users... which is why i posted it here.
Ahhh. Now I know. And knowing is half the battle.
The Baron is dusty and will require a bath :)
I believe Miss Monday can help you with that. ;)
I will be there.. I need to get Edgar's Ghost into the SG too.
"Vinnie" too.
yo lib!! It's on man, where the hell are YOU?
Captain Centigrade is low, but could use an invite when you're around.
Maven will be on hand briefly. (Why do all the parties happen when I'm at work?) :/