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New Concept Group on Virtue

So oxayotl and i started a new theme-group on Virtue if anyone's interested. I thought i'd give ya'll first crack, before making a more open invitation to the City_of_heroes group.

"Blue Steel's Last Chancers"

basically, it's a reformed-villains SG... a'la the Suicide Squad, or the Thunderbolts.

For whatever reason, our characters were nabbed by the PCPD, and are either in protective custody because we turned stooly on Recluse's bunch, or just because we're honestly trying to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the law and/or Freedom Phalanx.

or of course... whatever you personally come up with. Either way... the only real theme is that for whatever reason, you WERE a badguy, and now you're not. Blue Steel has set up a program for these "Last Chancers" under his careful eye, to work directly with the Paragon City PD, in stopping other badguys. He's sort of our boss.

here's the bio of the character i founded the group with, if that provides any inspiration for ya.

fair warning though, we're still primarily on Triumph, so at the moment at least... this is a group of Alts, and isn't terribly active. Feel free to help change that however ;)

Hit me up in-game if you're interested... i can be found on the LJ global, the Gothic Hellspawn global, or just "@Templar46 2".

(cross posting to gothichellspawn and leagueofjustus
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