The Right Reverend Dr.Malcus Dorroga (gothfather) wrote in leagueofjustus,
The Right Reverend Dr.Malcus Dorroga

Gothfather hits Fifty!!!

Cross-posted to my own journal...

Finally, after 469 hours of game play, after much sweat and debt, The Gothfather finally hit max level tonight with the help of staxxy and arachane. After much to-do and wild squealing, we went to Atlas park and made a public spectacle of ourselves :)

This was followed by the traditional Making of the First Kheldian toon.

The short green woman in the front with the purple pigtails is Peorth the Troll, a Warshade and little sister of Jack the Troll. She ran around this eve with Troll Dolly (the larger green woman behind me, as played by staxxy) and others for a little bit.

Well, I guess that's one way to spend a day off. :P
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