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A City of Villains SG

Okay, I know that there a couple of other Gothic Hellspawn out there who have created CoV supergroups on the Beta, but I didn't know the details and couldn't find any of them yesterday while I was on.

So Foomf and I created our own, and members of the League (as well as members of the various Hellspawn SGs) are more than welcome to come on board and join in the base-decorating fun. We got 36 million prestige to spend on upgrades, and even putting in a few rooms and a number of big goodies like a generator and an "Object of Power" there are still over 32 million left. Anybody who wants to play Sims for a while with the base decorating goodies is more than welcome to join and instantly be bumped up to leader. I'll also try to Coalition the group together with any other Hellspawn groups that are established. This alliance is on the original Training Room server ... my only character on Training Room 01 is still only Level 6.

SG Name:
Triumph Hellspawn Coalition

Current Leaders:
The Cobrasnake (me), Level 10 Mastermind
Al'Katz (Foomf), Level 9 Stalker

Everyone who joins will be bumped up to leader in order to have invite and decorating privileges. Maybe I'll see some of you on tonight!
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